About Us

What we do

We are a small family business dedicated to creating beautiful, engaging, and useful websites. Monkeys At Keyboards supplies full site design and custom feature development services. Content in our websites may be easily modified by both technical and non-technical people using Drupal's user friendly editing. Our standards compliant and semantics optimized solutions utilize best practices to achieve great search engine rankings.

About Dave

Dave is a brilliant, award winning, full stack developer specializing in PHP, Python, and C++. He volunteers on the infrastructure team at the Drupal.org website and an expert on creating custom Drupal solutions. In addition to websites, he enjoys programming video games. A tinkerer by nature, Dave is always testing new operative systems, software, and hardware.

About Laura

Laura is an experienced interdisciplinary artist with a keen eye towards detail. She brings artistic energy, enthusiasm, and strong creative vision to every project. In addition to her artistic skills, Laura has decades of project management and training experience. She brings this experience and attention to detail to every project, ensuring that you have a fantastic, well planned website. Laura provides training so our clients can confidently add and update their Drupal website.