SSL and HTTPS is the future of the web

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the name of the technology that encrypts the communication between a browser and a web (or email) server. This changes the standard HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) to HTTPS which adds encryption. This site is secure; you can see the green lock in the header. Why is this important? Well, eCommerce sites absolutely need to be secure since users will be entering private information. It is absolutely essential to encrypt that information. But what if you aren't processing financial transactions? Do you still need SSL? We monkeys say enthusiastically YES! and believe that in the future all sites  

Living typography at the Hamilton Type Museum

The Hamilton Type Museum is a type lover's dream come true. Wired introduced me to this celebration of the history of printing explaining that the, "Hamilton is a working museum, where first-time visitors and longtime patrons alike can get their hands dirty. Ten of the museum’s 62 printing presses work, and visitors can learn entry level typesetting or basic letterpress printing."

Fonts in Use

Fonts in use is one of my favorite websites to browse for inspiration. Books, magazines, signs, and other fonts in the wild are shared. Both users and staff submit different examples that are easily sorted by medium, font, industry, or key word.