Letter Collections

Letter Collections is a series of beautifully lettered postcards that you can send to your friends & family! Designer Martina Flor is the brains and talent behind this clever project that started in the analog world and continues to live on in the digital world. On her website she has this to say about the series:

Each postcard is lettered, handwritten and sent by Martina Flor. The language may vary according to the receiver of each postcard, located around the globe. Both, the card and the receiver will be documented in this blog. Furthermore, visitors will be able to send each postcard to other people with their own custom message.

You can send the same postcard with a single message to up to five recipients. There is no limit on how many you can send as far as I can tell, so click over and brighten someone's email with a gorgeous, lettered postcard!

Thanks! by Letter Collections

The by Letter Collections

You Are All Mad by Letter Collections