Server management and administration

See below for service level details.
Optionally ask any questions or tell us about any special considerations you may have.
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We can take over management of legacy applications. Keeping your application running is our primary concern. Let our devops engineers manage your system and rest easy.

Server management

Management packages:

Security first app management
Includes hosting and monitoring of your website or application, plus system and application security updates for a website or application. Server issues addressed within 24 hours.

High availability app management
Hosting includes application, database, and file servers. Monitoring for up to 10 websites or applications plus system and application security updates. Server issues addressed within 12 hours. Extra servers may be added on demand when bandwidth is required. Depending on your needs, there may be additional bandwidth charges when adding servers.

Bug insurance app management
Includes everything in "High availability hosting" above, plus our developers will spend up to 10 hours per month to fix particular issues in your code base that arise due to unexpected circumstances. This option assumes full access to the code base. We can work with PHP (including Drupal, Wordpress), Java, and Python applications.

Our monitoring system and testing tools ensure we are notified quickly if things don't go as planned. When bandwidth usage is high because of viral traffic or otherwise, we work with you to determine the cost versus benefit of adding servers.

Response times may vary depending on your service level. However, we pledge to get to work as quickly as possible to keep your application working.