The Outsider

The Outsider Vision

Client Shawn Gaynor wanted to build an online San Francisco newspaper called The Outsider News. His vision included a clean design and a diverse set of ways to categorize articles.

The Outsider NEws

We were able to bring this vision to life quickly and on budget.


Body editing controls

The text editor provides an experience similar to using a word processor. Writers can focus on writing instead of quirks of HTML and the web.

Media controls

Image, audio, and video upload controls are also supplied. Video is automatically converted into a web friendly H.264 format.

Taken together, these tools enable The Outsider's writing crew to create appealing articles while focusing on quality. They do not need to worry about the complexity of the site front page and listing pages. Those are built automatically just by using the supplied tools.

Custom Design

Shawn chose an existing Drupal look and feel called News Center. Monkeys at keyboards customized this theme. We designed the logo. We also designed and built the film strip slide show on the front page. The TV widget on the left showing videos is also our work.

Film strip

These elements work together to make the site a unique, enjoyable experience.