Typography Tuesday

Mega Collection of Midcentury Matchbook Covers

Check out this massive collection of midcentury matchbooks shared by redditor buzzsaw_and_dynamo who also aptly dubbed it mega. Specifically the "mega album of pictures of my dad's matchbook collection". He has taken beautiful photographs and nicely arranged the different artwork on the inside and outisde of each cover into a single image. Below is just a sample of what you're in for. Be warned! There are 136 images in the set. 

Uraniae by Hajnalka Illes

Even though the days are finally getting longer, the night skies dominate and extended hours mean lots of star gazing. In the spirit of celebrating the night skies, I'm sharing Hajnalka Illes' Uraniae Observatory series. She has created a gorgeous poster, business card, trio of booklets, and more. Her project description explains "the observatory that only existed for a short period of 37 years on top of the most famous of hills, Gellert in Budapest." Her font combinations work perfectly with her illustrations and layout. My favorite is the large silk screened poster on black.