Designing for the New Facebook Fan Page

We finally got the new Facebook design, so we updated our page! Check it out! We've included a free Illustrator template at the bottom to help you layout your own pages.

Monkeys at Keyboards New Facebook Fan Page

Profile Picture

Another chance to use our new bolder monkey head. The recommended upload size is 180 x 180 pixels and it will be displayed at 160 x 160 pixels with a 5 pixel white border. 

Cover Photo

Although the actual image sizes didn't change, the new layout hides part of the cover photo with buttons. The cover photo is still 815 x 315 pixels, but the viewable area is partially obscured across the bottom by the profile picture, page name, the buttons, and page info. I like to keep the main content in the 656 x 236 pixel active area shown below, although clearly there is additional space above the profile photo. Keep it bold and clean! A cluttered cover photo can detract from your content and will look especially poor on mobile devices. Here's a free Illustrator template.

Facebook Cover Picture Safe Area

While updating your graphics, it's a good time to make sure they comply with Facebook's guidelines.

Contact us if you need your social network pages updated!