What, When & How to Engage on Social Media

Our blog posts are automatically shared on our networks. That means we're sharing original content at a maximum of one per weekday which fits within The Social Media Guide's frequency. This looks to be ideal for LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus, but completely ineffective on Twitter. Below are my summaries of what I've been researching, as well as links to the original articles. Buffer is a free tool that I deliberately left out of last week's guide to pushing content to social networks. So after using Buffer for a few months, I found the free plans limit of 10 scheduled tweets to be limiting. That's only half a week . I discovered that Hoot Suite allows for tweet scheduling and has no limit!  Although I'm not using it for scheduling tweets, I recommend subscribing to Buffer's blog for informative, well written, and inspiring articles. 


Pushing Blog Content to Social Networks

For my art site, I believe in having a social media presence on multiple platforms. I also prefer to focus my time creating content for my own site and then share it from there. And of course, I want my content to look good. Currently I have fan pages set up on FacebookTwitterGoogle+Tumblr, and I also push my new content to my LinkedIn profile. Below are the tools I'm currently using.