Eat Well, Kiss More, Travel Often

Lauren Hom, previously featured on the blog for her Will Letter for Lunch project, is back with a new project designed to take her around the world. Eat Well, Kiss More, Travel Often from the 26 Letters, 20,000 Miles of travel themed posters is a fundraiser to send this talented letterer on an adventure. On the project page Hom writes:

"In January 2016, I'm selling all of my belongings, stuffing a few sundresses and a sketchbook into a backpack, and traveling for the entire year. I'm planning on visiting more than 20 countries and setting foot on every continent. Since I make a living drawing the alphabet, I thought it would be pretty rad if I could fund my 26,000 mile journey around the world with the same 26 letters I hold so close to my heart."

Eat Well, Kiss More, Travel Often by Lauren Hom