Fifty by Nathan Godding

Nathan Godding's fluid fifty is just really the perfect example of form meets function. I really love the way the letters flow from one to another. The way the tittle of the letter is replaced by the end of the f is simply beautiful.

Garamond - The Original Gangsta of Serif Typography

When I'm doing print work, my number one font choice is Garamond. I find it easy to read and I probably have 20 different variations of it on my computer. I try other fonts, especially ones that have web versions, but I come back to Garamond - The Original. The Original Gangsta, that is. At least according to this awesome poster by Michael Lashford.

Eventually by CARGONEBLINA

Eventually, by ​Ricardo Ponce – otherwise known as CARGONEBLINA, is a stunning, stippled masterpiece with a tongue-in-cheek reminder that we are are mortal: "You will die" large and up front with "– I mean, eventually." added like an afternote. The whimsical words are countered by the immaculate dots creating a pleasing 3D effect.